Guest Podcast. Ideas in Academic Practice: Assessment, Inclusivity, and Audio Feedback

I know we’re all winding down for Christmas, or at least trying to. Assessment is hopefully not at the top of your list of things to think about over the coming weeks. However, if you fancy escaping Christmas preparations for a bit, or even fancy something to listen to whilst doing the dishes or preparing the Christmas sprouts, then why not give this guest episode of the Newcastle Learning and Teaching podcast a go? If you work in education, or even if you don’t but are interested, you can find the link here:

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this podcast, not only because it is about a topic that I find as important as it is interesting, nor because the principles that underpin the ideas about assessment feedback and the importance of thinking of the various needs of all stakeholders involved are transferable across the sector and beyond, but because it gave me a chance to work with my former mentor, Dr Paul Fleet and make new connections with Sandy and our audio expert Ben. Working collaboratively, I’ve found, is a real joy. I learned a lot whilst recording this podcast, and the series in itself allows us to communicate ideas more widely than perhaps we otherwise would have been able to. I hope to do a lot more collaborative working and wouldn’t mind doing some more podcasting! For now though, I’ll leave you to your Christmas preparations. Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel and Happy Christmas.

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