How does it rhyme? Reanimating the Archive, January 2022, Kings German Seminar Series

Image from the online talk

In January 2022 I gave a short talk on the Weimar project, an update on previous talks, which gave attendees a chance to put themselves in the curators shoes and engage with our processes of deciding what to include in this planned exhibition, and why.

Kings College Modern Languages Research Seminar on Precarity, 15th December 2021

Invited to present at this seminar focusing on precarity, I talked about the UCML ECA Survey’s findings on the experiences of Early Career Academics in Modern Languages at the current time, highlighting key issues and concerns.

Newcastle Learning and Teaching at Newcastle University Podcast Episode 14

Last year I did some work on audio feedback, and together with Dr Paul Fleet (Chair of the Academic Progress Board of Studies at Newcastle University) and Sandy Alden (Manager of the Disability Team within our Student Health and Wellbeing Service at Newcastle University) we discussed this topic on Episode 14 of Newcastle University’s podcast series. If you’re interested, click the link to listen to what we had to say.


Exhibition Talk: The Story of Telling the Story of the Weimar Republic

Mark & I recently gave a talk for the Lit&Phil, Newcastle (https://www.litandphil.org.uk/) on our proposed exhibition. This wasn’t just any talk rather it was a talk about the processes of putting together the exhibition – from the initial ideas to the development and then the limbo of lockdown. We were delighted to have over 66 guests from near and far – from various parts of the UK, as well as Austria, France, Saudi Arabia and the USA. A recording was made and should be available soon,

Click the link to listen to my guest contribution to ‘Oh What a Lovely Podcast’

Visualising Palimpsestic Memories

If you’d like to watch my recent lecture on Visualising Palimpsestic Memories of the Rosenstrasse Protest, please follow the link here to the YouTube channel for the Centre for Visual Cultures at Royal Holloway