I’m making some helpful free-to-use resources here on publishing, research and teaching. Please keep checking back for updates.

In the time and space between jobs. A user guide.

In the following resource I offer some tips on how to navigate the time between the end of one contract and the start of another.

How to deal with a publication rejection

In the following resource I discuss the process behind my decision to share a chapter I had rejected at peer-review as one strategy in how to deal with a publication rejection. Scroll down and you will find a copy of the rejected chapter, which I have made freely available. The aim of the first document is to try and provide some guidance in how to deal with a publication rejection, a question I’ve been asked before but didn’t have a very good answer to. It is by no means the definitive you should do this or that answer, rather I talk you through my decision-making process so if and when the time comes you can think through your own and decide what is right for you. By sharing the rejected chapter I’m not leaving the work unread, unavailable to anyone rather I’m putting it out there for you to have the choice of whether to read or discard but also to show what ‘rejection’ looks like in terms of an academic article.


If you want tips on peer-review either as a recipient or as a reviewer, please see the short guide below.