Here you’ll find a list of forthcoming talks and a back catalogue of ones given at conferences and events.

Forthcoming Talks

Teaching online workshop – co-hosting with Dr Elizabeth Ward (Hull University) at Women in Germans Studies Conference (WIGS), November 2020

Dancing on a Volcano: Exhibiting and Emotionality – Association for German Studies Great Britain and Ireland (AGS), September 2020

Previous Talks

“Man kann der Verantwortung nicht entrinnen.” Remembering Rosenstrasse 75 Years On. Association of German Studies Conference, Bangor University, 29-31st August 2018

“On The Year Abroad Experience and Positive Mental Health” The Year Abroad Conference, Newcastle University, 14th September 2018

Re-integrating Returning Year Abroad Students (Workshop) The Year Abroad Conference, Newcastle University, 14th September 2018

Transnationalism, Nationalism, Ahistoricisation and Recycling in Babylon Berlin? ‘Watching the Transnational Detectives: Showcasing Identity and Internationalism on British Television, School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, University of Hull, 8-9th November 2018.

Otherness? On the intersections of identity WIGS 30th Anniversary Conference, Aston, Birmingham, 10th November 2018 

‘Applied Language for the A Level Classroom: Teaching Translation through Film Subtitling’, Languages Live Show, London, 15th October 2017

‘Remembering Rosenstrasse. History, Memory, Identity in Contemporary Germany’, GRASS Research Seminar, University of Leeds, May 2017

‘Re-purposing landscapes of memory: Kriegsgefangen in Skipton as a multi-authorial form of commemoration’, Symposium: International Artistic Creation during WWI, Cardiff University, November 2016

Imagining place as a metonym for values in cultural representations of the Rosenstrasse protest Shared Spaces, Shared Memories, Shared Visions: Contemporary Visual Representations of the Second World War in German Cities Workshop, Newcastle University, 5th November 2015

Memory Politics and the Site: Shifting Perspectives in Exhibitions in and about Berlin’s Rosenstraße, Tracing Topographies: Revisiting the Concentration Camp Seventy Years after the Liberation of Auschwitz. The Jewish Museum, London, 6-8th January 2015