Weimar 1919-1933 Dancing on a Volcano Exhibition

About this exhibition

Weimar 1919-1933 Dancing on a Volcano is an archive photo exhibition. It aims to re-examine Germany’s first democracy, re-narrating a story not of a system doomed to failure from the outset but of a complex, multi-faceted and creative period asking why it gave way to authoritarianism and what lessons we can learn from it today.

Why are we creating this exhibition?  

This exhibition is the result of a combination of factors. It stems partly from my own research and teaching, partly from a drive to gear my research towards public engagement which I’ve enjoyed on other projects before and which I also see as part of my academic responsibilities, but also from the various comments – in person and on social media – I’ve observed where parallels have been drawn between our times and the Weimar Republic. Are our times similar? Really? In what way? The exhibition doesn’t seek to be didactic rather the aim is to stimulate conversations.

When is the exhibition happening and where?

The exhibition should have happened already, but it has been necessarily delayed by COVID-19. We plan that it will be available at the Literature and Philosophical Society, Newcastle, as soon as it is safe to host it. Understandably we can’t yet put a date on that and public safety comes first. In the interim we’re using the time to keep working on the exhibition, refining it and you will find updates on this website as we develop it further.

Is there anything else happening in the interim?

Part of the original plan was to host a series of public lectures alongside the exhibition. Obviously, it will be sometime before that will be an option as well. Here’s where we can provide an alternative sooner. Those lectures are now being converted into podcasts and actually we have a wider range of speakers than we would have had originally. Further details on the podcasts will be available soon.

Where can I find out more?

There’s a post about the exhibition in the blog section. I’ll be updating this page as often as possible. Also there is a dedicated contact email if you want to get in touch with questions, queries, suggestions etc.

Email: dancingonavolcanoweimar@gmail.com